Effortless manufacturing waste disposal and product handling

Your faster, safer way to Move waste or bi-products.

Faster Disposal

Transfer waste or product from machine to skip in about 1 minute.

Safer Handling

Eliminates the need for staff to handle waste or product directly.

Cleaner Operation

No more overflowing bins or waste dropped onsite.

makes disposal and product handling effortless

TIPABIN® is the smart way to get manufacturing waste into your skip and make product handling hassle-free.

Modern manufacturing processes, such as CNC machining, are clean and precise, but disposing of the waste they produce can be time-consuming, hazardous and non-sustainable.

changes that by making the job effortless and simple.

After you load your bin onto the forklift using the innovative frame, you can lift, tip and return to vertical – all without leaving your forklift.




Attach handle and roll bin to the pick-up zone



Load bin onto forklift using attachment



Raise bin
above skip



Drive forward and tilt the fork to empty



Reverse and use edge to tip bin back to vertical


Choose from a range of bin sizes and colours

Move bins by hand using the easy detachable handle

Safe, fast process with forklift compatible base specifically designed for tipping

Tough, rigid rotational-moulded plastic bins retain shape when emptied

More durable and robust than standard steel drums so less dents or damage

Safety chain prevents loads moving on the forklift

Unlike steel drums, the TIPABIN® bin can be cut to fit the height of the outlet

Large bins hold 2x more than a standard 200L steel drum, cutting down bin emptying time by half

Multiple industry applications include waste disposal, recycling and materials handling



Volume = 200L



Volume = 400L

what our customers are saying

"Before using the TIPABIN® system we would have to supply our own waste containers as well as hand wheel the bin over to a scrap hopper, pick it up and empty it. Now every TIPABIN® comes with a detachable handle that negates bending down and can move even a heavy fully loaded bin with ease and low physical exertion. The bin can then be locked into the TIPABIN® fork pockets, (just by rolling it on the center locking pins) lifted over a scrap hopper or dumpster, and then flipped over to empty. The bin can be flipped with one hand and makes the process very simple and less time-consuming.  I have emptied many waste bins full of scrap metal in my time and this system saves me time and my back. This is a great solution to the problem of waste material buildup from Howick machines. Now everything matches the scheme of the machines and looks visually pleasing for added bonus"
Mike V, Roll Form Foreman, Atlas Frameworks
"The TIPABIN® system is amazing, the provided handle makes it incredibly easy to move around and set into the tipping frame.  Not only do the bins hold much more than our current bins, it is extremely easy to dump them and empty everything out. These make cleanup and changeouts easier and more efficient."
Austin Vaughn, Roll Form Operator - Atlas Frameworks

order your

Kits available:

  • Large Bin: Kit of 4 – 4 large bins with bases, 1 handle plus 1 forklift base
  • Small Bin: Kit of 4 – 4 small bins with bases, 1 handle plus 1 forklift base
  • Also available individually.

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